illustration     design

ruby beech



food for usFood for Us is an illustrated cookbook that I created for my senior thesis project at PNCA. The book focuses on the ways that food andcooking is an integral part of my life and my connection to others. It is a completed 48 page cookbook that consists of 9 recipes, each of which holding personal significance to me. The categorization of the book reflects my personal experiences of when food and cooking holds the most significance. The recipes are divided into three categories;Picnic, Dinner Party and Celebration. Each category visually communicates a different mood and occasion. The book is reflective of something that is personal to me, subtly highlighting themes of family and how food and cooking have been a large part of my relationships with those around me. Included in each recipe spread is an illustration, an ingredient list, and instructions for the recipe. While the design of each spread clearly communicates how to make the recipe, the visual design is emblematic of my personal artistic style. The spreads are lighthearted, fun, and illustration focused. The cookbook is not only meant to inform the reader of new recipes but to bring joy and spark reflection on how food and cooking may be intrinsically intertwined within their relationships. ︎︎︎